Navia Design with strong background in the fields of engineering and design has an extensive experience to meet the standards of its clients and take an active part rebuilding infrastructures of Afghanistan. Our company with a team of dedicated engineers is eager to complete (architectural and engineering) projects in best possible way considering the world standards with its sister company, Elite Construction Company. Our high profile works enabled us to successfully complete projects with intense conditions according to the timeframe and demands of clients which few recent are listed below:

1. Kabul Military Training Center (KMTC):
Navia Design successfully completed the 200,544m2 (20.05 Hectares) Topographic Land Survey of this project including all survey tasks such as grading, layout, leveling and alignment in Pul-e-charkhi, Kabul. The project was consisted a training gym and dining facility (DFAC).
2. Counter Narco-Terrorism Program Office (CNTPO):
The project involved all kind of lands surveys – grading, layout, leveling and alignment - for the purpose of the building aprons plane hangars at the Kabul Airport in 2008.
3. 205th Commando Site Facilities Construction:
Topographic Land Survey of 8,926m2 (8.92 Hectares) and all kind of surveys e.g. grading, alignment , layout and leveling of the project located in Kandahar Airfield was the main responsibility of Navia Design which completed on 2009.
4. 209th Commando Battalion Compound and Forward Supply Depot:
The project was intended to serve the commandos who are under the training in the 209th battalion compound and included many barracks with gym and dining facilities which was constructed Elite Construction Company. Navia Design held the responsibility of doing Topography of 260,058m2 (26.00 hectares) and all kind of surveys that Navia Design could successfully finish it on 2010 in Mazar-e-Sharif.
5. United State’s Consulate Project:  
Renovation of old Mazar Hotel for the purpose of the U.S consulate in Mazar-e-Sharif was rebuilt which Navia Design did the Topography Land Survey of 40,000m2 (4.00 Hectares) including grading, leveling, layout and alignment with all kinds of survey which was completed on 2011.
6. CLASS I, Afghan National Army (ANA) Warehouse Expansion Project:
The project that located in Kabul was consist of nine buildings, a Vehicle Refueling Point with Fuel Storage, two guard towers, and approximately 565m of Sniper Screen on perimeter fence, demolition of an existing guard tower and barracks and 845m2 of existing roadway, construction of additional roads, sidewalks, and parking areas . The land survey including grading, leveling, layout and alignment was accomplished by Navia Design in 2012.

7. Compound Modification Project:
Navia Design could successfully complete land surveying the project in one of the remote areas in the Kandahar, Spinboldak on 2012. The survey included all kind of grading, alignment, leveling and layout.
8. Afghan National Army (ANA) 2/3/201st Infantry Kandak - FOB ROCCO:
Topography Land Survey of this project was 7,579m2 (0.76 Hectares) which was located in one of the remote areas of Kabul province, Ozbin, completed in 2012 by Navia Design with all kind of grading, leveling and layout.
9. Kabul and Herat Universities, Media Centers:
Total areas which Navia Design did the topography land survey in both universities reached 17,820m2 (1.78 Hectares).
Beside above mentioned project, Navia Design successfully completed the following projects in the past:
  • PGCN
  • ASP (Ammunition Supply Points)
  • ANA Zaranj
  • Afghan Telecom Tower Site Design
  • ASCN Phase 1
  • Sino Afghan Steel Hangers
  • ECC I Solar Breaks
  • ECC I Bridge
  • Afghan TV Studio
  • Amec KMTC Guard Towers
  • Kabul Felez Hanger
  • Shendan Air Force Base
  • Gul Wali Residence kandehar
  • Salimi Residence