Topographic Survey

Navia is expert in the implementation of developmental projects and professional surveying, using only the most technology advanced instruments available on the market today to get the job done. From high-accuracy control surveys, wireless tower and utility surveys and well locations, to boundary, lot, river and environmental surveys, our customers can depend on Navia to provide expert service and accurate information. Using the most advanced devices and technologies, Navia has become an industry leader in gathering and establishing accurate control data for topographic, mapping and design projects.

Considering all relevant criteria such as standards, quality, budget and schedule limitations, survey projects are executed in accordance with the unique requirement of each project. Navia meets the special demands of our esteemed clients by delivering high quality product in compliance with international standards.

Geotechnical Survey

Companies sub-contracted by Navia Design, have extensive geo-engineering experience in Afghanistan which brings extensive years of experience and the sophistication of modern techniques and systems. We draw on experience, observation and testing to develop realistic models from which we promulgate our design recommendations and opinions to engineer the most favorable results.

To provide reliable and accurate data, the firm maintains specialized exploration equipment and complete in-house, full service geotechnical and construction material provisions. These resources support engineering, design and construction services. The firm’s experienced technical staff utilizes state of the art laboratory, field testing and monitoring equipment coupled with technologically advanced computer work stations in completing analysis and design services to provide the highest level of technical service available.

UXO Clearance Survey

Our UXO removal supporters include Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) professionals, geophysicists and regulatory personnel to investigate and remediate a site. In addition, we can assist with the preparation of documents to satisfy our client’s requirements. Although Navia can independently perform all components of a successful UXO venture, we have access to the most accomplished subcontractors, equipment suppliers, and personnel to handle any volume of work in any region and province. Navia offers cost effective, innovative, state-of-the-art geophysical UXO detection capabilities.

Navia is ready to assist its customers in responding to UXO cleanup objectives and the increasing emphasis on risk management relevant to security. Navia is fine tuning its capabilities and developing new technologies to address these areas:

  • UXO site characterization (surface and subsurface)
  • UXO detection technologies and approaches.
  • UXO Geo-referencing technologies (including advanced Differential GPS systems and Laser Positioning)
  • UXO disposal, destruction and neutralization options