What Makes Us Different

Navia’s design and planning represents sustainable capacity in Afghanistan, which in turn generates results that strengthen the position of Navia in Afghanistan. Navia is considered a leader amongst the reliable qualified Design Companies in Afghanistan and has the ability to plan, schedule, organize, and identify provisions necessary for the accurate forecasting and timely execution of projects.

Navia controls all aspects of the project relevant to design from a single point of responsibility, while delivering high quality renovation and design systems that meet all technical and functional requirements. In addition, Navia recognizes the merit of collaboration in terms of ease and speed of communication, greater transparency in information tracking, enhanced project management, and more efficient use of resources.

Navia Design’s integration with Elite Construction as their sole source for engineering and design needs began with negotiating through engineering & design review, and continued into monitoring progress and taking proactive measures to implement project success. In the beginning, with few local customers Navia was making effort to show their dexterity and professional ability in design field, and as a consequence of their performance gained the reputation of being the “Go-To” service provider for Engineering, Design and Survey needs. Navia now provides plans and procedures which ensure their customers full confidence in the engineering and design elements necessary to successfully execute projects

Full-Service Enhances Quality

We offer full-service design in all aspects of architecture, including building design, master planning, feasibility studies, facilities management, interior design, and construction administration. Our in-house engineering services include civil, environmental, traffic, roads & bridges, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and fire protection design. This full-service, in-house capability increases our ability to respond to our client’s schedule and service needs while allowing us to increase quality control.

Measured Growth

Financially strong, Navia Design continues measured growth, expanding our project base with both new clients and new project types. In recent years, our practice has focused on projects for corporate, institutional, and government clients. Our staff includes some of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in Afghanistan, and we encourage each member to broaden their expertise through continuing education programs and other developmental opportunities.

Commitment to Continuity

Navia Design is a service-oriented design firm. We assure our clients of Principal involvement and commitment on every project. Every member of our staff undergoes training in ethics, communication, team building, and conflict resolution skills. We have a very low employee turnover rate, assuring our clients of continuity throughout the life of a project.

Quality Facilities at a Reasonable Cost on a Timely Basis

Every client wants the same thing from its design team - maximum value and high quality for the least possible cost. The overall success of a project is often dependent upon its initial budget and the accuracy of the cost estimates provided at each stage of construction. The construction market has the greatest effect on the ultimate project cost; but our approach is to develop a base bid that is under budget in any market and to add amenities through alternates. At Navia Design, we achieve these successes by:

  1. Developing a realistic budget by finding costs of comparable quality, scope, and type projects in the area and escalating them to the projected bid date;
  2. Developing independent estimates using a professional cost consultant and a general contractor;
  3. Preparing cost estimates at the Schematic Design phase, and if the project is over budget, alterations in scope, quality, or budget will be recommended;
  4. Preparing cost estimates at the Design Development phase with a complete take-off of all materials and systems prepared in sufficient detail to determine budget, and if the project is over budget, alterations in quality or scope will be recommended by the design team.
  5. Preparing Contract Documents and Additive Bid Alternates.

During this stage, more thorough estimates and quotes are received to refine design development estimates. At the end of contract documents, all numbers are revised to reflect these estimates and the current market. Add alternates are recommended to allow for additional amenities.

We strive to meet a client's schedule in the design phase and have always had beneficial occupancy of the building when the owner required it. The most effective methods we employ to control schedule, both during the design process and during construction include budgeting adequate time for each phase of construction, allowing for contingencies, CADD (Computer-Aided Design/Drafting), hand-carry review submittals to local and State agencies, submit drawings for permit prior to bidding, explore fast-track alternatives with the owner, and Contractor CPM schedules with milestone dates updated monthly with catch-up measures if needed.